Stint over…

Thats it three shifts done and i’m fed watered and tucked up nice and cosy.
Just thought i would scrawl a few lines before shuteye, but not about work as they are a little funny about the workforce and the tinternet. Not secretive but shall we say coy. Theres a bit of a hoo haa about facebook at present and things appearing on it. I tend to steer clear of that sort of malarky but i couldnt resist putting a misleading photo on today


Thats supposed to be me in the volvo 180g but its not. I did used to drive them twenty year ago, awesome piece of kit, it did get a few comments and likes.

No this wee post is about what to do this days off, i have more building work to do and the wind turbine will be going up at mr farmers. So i hope to post midweek with some more titbits. But thats me for today so will see you anon.