Hard at it..

Just a short one tonight, for tommorow tis my first day back at work for three weeks.
All in all the work on the sun room refurb has come on in leaps and bounds considering the loss of a weeks work due to the sh1te weather. The last two days go like this


Cills on and internal blockwork up yesterday.


Window frames and external stone work today, Not bad when you consider that we have only had seven full days work at it.

We also had three visitors this week who will be stoping all summer.
Firstly, monday, the swallows have decended and have made themselves at home with the chooks.
Secondly, a red squirrel has appeared back on the lane, so we have set up a feeder and camera. I was concerned they had abandoned this part of the forest to the undesirables.
Lastly, the cuckoo has returned along with some swifts.. I love it here……
Goodnight all.