i should have said nothing!!

a couple of posts ago i was waxing lyrical about the old quad, and how she was still going being twenty plus years of age. well i should have kept my greet stupid gob shut!!!
Better half went to check the sheep and to check on a ewe that had lambed overnight. Low and behold at the furthest point from home on the worst part of the fell….BANG…the front axle stopped driving and locked up.. With no chance of recovery it was abandoned, even left the key in it, well it was going nowhere!
Plan was to enlist the help of my good neighbour phil, but as he works through the week the recovery by quad would have to wait untill today. AAHH!but, there we hit a snag as today he was going to the match and i was going to watch the pirelli rally. A cunning plan was formulated in my head, firstly check the old girl over for damage (thats the quad not the wife!) if she moves then slowly drive it back and hope this doesn’ t add to the parts bill. If it wont move the leave it parked as a monument to lambing time!! Luckilly movement was gained by giving it a gentle rock back and forth untill the destroyed uj freed itself. I then put it in first gear and walked along side untill finally reaching home. I’m in two minds wether to strip it down and fix it, or should i just bite the bullet and replace it.
Me thinks go down the replacement route as the mole/squirell police need a more reliable quad when visiting far off lands…

Speaking of far of lands, mr farmer has started to put the uderground cables in for his wind turbines


Not much to see just yetfrom the two turbine bases. The cables will go back to a switch room near the electric boards pole and transformer, where the excess will be fed back into the grid with a grid tie in.
The blockwork for that has just started so nowt to see there yet.

News on the refurb… The blocks have been started and have reached window height


As long as the weather holds this week then we may have broken it’ s back(or the other way around) what ever comes first…..

During all this the squirell police still have to inspect the imigration check points for illegals. The police have intercepted five non desirables this week alone.
After all the excercise poor paige was worn out, so we took a little time to inspect the majestic scots pines from a different angle. That and the fact that it was’nt just the dog that was out of energy…

Anyway its time i was treating the windows with sadolin staining, so TTFN…