Gained a little info from the farmer, his new heating system for the farm-house, cottage and holiday let is a windhager biowin wood pellet boiler 75kw


Its output is huge to supply three properties. Its fully automatic, with a self feed system from its bunded storage of pelletised fuel.

It’s not cheap though and as yet they are just getting to grips with it.

Other news, the sun room is well under way, although the weather has spoilt the progress a little. Its gone from this


To this in the space of two days


we had planed to do the stone work on Wednesday but with the bad weather looming the builder didn’t turn up. to cap it all the day has turned out not to bad and the block work could have been up to cill height…..feck!

so instead, i was under orders to muck out the landrover, its been neglected for a month or two and had accumulated a second-hand carpet of white dog hair. Paige was finished with it and donated the lot to me, so kind.

we have a great little tool for the mucking out of vehicles. it’s a Dyson car cleaning kit

this in conjunction with a pair of those safety rubber gloves (use the gloves to rub over the interior mats and seats and they roll any stubborn hairs out from the material). all vinyl and hard surfaces that boots and mud get in contact with had to be flashed, this done and she looked as fresh as a daisy.

after lunch,( home reared and made sausage sandwich) it was time to take the dogs for a little jolly. so on my suggestion, we took ourselves of to the two farms i patrol for moles, taking with us another two squirrel traps to set.

one site identified was near the old farm steading

with its unusual toilet facilities. the long drop is its title and was an outside privy with a twenty foot drop to do your business over

that done we moved on to a second site in an old Scots pine above a rather active badger set.

we then moved on to the set traps that i have been monitoring for 4 days, on the way this alder tree caught my eye. i’ve never seen one with this many odd growths on it. they almost look like squirrel dreys.

if you have time to read up on reds please copy and paste these into your web browser:-

the first of my set traps has had no visitors, so time to move that one. and trap number two has had 4 visitors who have had a hearty meal before sleeping.

that’s it for this post, as I’m off for a nice long soak in the tub. TTFN