Totaly paggered

Its sunday night an i’m knackered, the thing about getting older is, it takes longer to get started in the mornings and by the time the evening comes all you want to do is sleep.
Mind you not surprising really considering the go getter, up and at em weekend i’ve had. It all kicked off with a call from the stone mason who has agreed to do our porch/sun room modification. The jist of that was, he will be with us on monday to start. Ok me being me, for all i moan about it i do rather enjoy a bit of building work and have tackled a few large jobs including building the extention to this place.
Anyway, i said to mick the mason, to speed thing along, we would strip the roof, take down the stone work amd basicaly be ready for him to make good and start away first thing monday morning.
Here you see the roof of, that was fridays job.

Its taken two days to take down number and dress the stone from the old rubble filled walls, just so that the stone goes back in the same position minus the rubble fill but plus the insulation.
On top of that the trapping job needed looking at twice a day as the traps have gone live.
While walking down to the trap site this oddity caught my eye

At first glance the tree looked to be behind the old railway sleeper, but on closer inspection its actually growing out of the top of it!!

How the hell does a tree root itself in an old railway sleeper, considering the toxic yuk that is creosote!!!
This evening there has been joy and sadness, firstly the joy, the joy of working in such a beautifull part of this republic
Followed by the sadness that is the humane despatch of a grey squirrel. Damn the person who intentionally or otherwise let this non native breed lose into our country.
Any way thats it for the noo, more goings on soon. TTFN.