The work starts…

Well thats it, started the days off and its from now untill at least may day.
Friday was actualy the start but as it was nightshift for me, it didn’t realy start untill lunchtime when i surfaced.
It was actualy a sad start as my attention was instantly focussed on the funeral of one of the republics finest, Ray Telfer passed away last week and with him a great knowledge of lister generators and all things mechanical has been lost. The man was a kind and very easy to get on with fella who would endeavor to help you in anyway he could.
As you would imagine for such a gent, it seemed as if the whole of the republic turned up at the church, standing room only….. He will be greatly missed. No doubt if the big fella upstairs has a problem with his genny then Ray will have it stripped and fixed as quick as you can say lister st2.
Up this morning and checked my new trail camera to see whats been taking the whole peanuts. To our surprise it turns out to be……… birds and not red squirrels …. Damn

After that it was off to check the mole traps and inspect the base’s for the farmers windpower project. He has already installed a wood pellet boiler system and what a system…. More to follow as i gain the info

After lunch better half said she was going to take the dogs for hike… it turned out we must have done six or more miles in the woods.

Came across this busy lady who had no fear

I could have reached out and picked her up, she waited untill i got the phone out and actually posed for the camera before going about her task of collecting nesting material.
Further on we found another animal of the woods collecting bedding material for its nest. It had collected a vast amount and i suspect its not for its bed but definately for the furniture industry.


As we progressed you came across evidence of lives past in the form of old stone structure long since taken over by forestry. The commision as was demolished property and planted over vast swathes of farm land back in the 1950’s. I have been told about a hunting lodge that was demolished just so the stones could be used to make an access road. That was pure vandalism in my eyes. On the way out of the forest we took to a part of the pennine way to get back to the bus and home.

It was later than expected and found the fire all but out. By the time better half had cooked the part prepped meal (forward planning on her behalf) it had turned 8:30 and the rest of the evening was spent infront of the fire. It was only on going to bed, i have found that a raiding party from over the border has tried to get in touch, trouble is they phoned my works mobile that is on charge upstairs. Never mind, the wine rack will save for another day…sorry R+C 😦

Started the day doing some odd jobs, the first being a small job that was neglected when i revamped the original bedroom 18 month ago. A window sill needed an infill of wood to cover a small gap. I know….. It should have been sorted ages ago but!!!!!
The next was make a broody box out of a sheep lick tub. Better half has some eggs in the incubator that are due to hatch on wednesday and the hatchlings need a warm dry place under heat to survive. So the job was fit a heat bulb into the tub and make sure its not to hot. That sorted it was lunch then off for another explore of the woods, this time to an area south of a peat flow. We found a really pleasent hike of around 3 miles


Once home it was grass cutting time, so out came the MTD resplendant with her new heart


While betterhalf zizzed the grass, my task was to get some peaty forest floor to aid in the replanting of a larch tree in the garden, also to move the trail cam to a badger set and set it to video said brock.
So tommorrow we start the works by collecting materials and tools in readiness for the small build, i have a list…..