Its getting closer…

Come next week, we should be starting our long, long awaited job of window fitting and replacing the front door. It’s only been ten year in the offing but the windows are being made and the builder is booked.
It’s just a small job but one i’m not sure how to tackle and as we get some strong winds on the hill top, the problem of wind driven rain is a big one. What the NP has let us do is punch windows into an existing porch to make a more pleasent sun room, although it is a bit small it should be cosy.
At the moment it’s a rather cold, dark and slightly damp as it has no ventilation. It must have been built pre building regs and although well built it is in need of some tlc.


Started the job by blocking the door into the living room, thats made such a difference as no draughts come whistleing past the old door.


Seems a bit odd looking at a door that leads nowhere!


The job is, strip the roof and reclaim the slates, take down the walls and reclaim the stone, fit a dpc and rebuild incorperating the new windows and door. Sounds simple, it is, but factor in making sure it will be water tight, wind proof and no damp espiecally here then we have a job on.
I would love to know the history of this old shepherds bothey, its on the maps of the late 1700s but would love to find out more and write a time line for it, so that when our time here is up we can pass it on to the next custodian.