A different perspective

Eaaster sunday has arrived, most folks are enjoying going out and about, tripping over one an other, queing for a maccy d, getting bumped and jostled at the shopping center’s. Or they fancy a drive or motorbike ride at 30 if not less mph, all because the townie has broken out the car and decided to go looking for spring lambs and bunny rabbits.

Not me! me i have to work, although today i have volenteered to work at our ouside storge warehouse. So for a few hours i will be driving a forklift truck, unloading wagons and just chillin. Its not a bad day and i have a decent view of another part of the republic, the south tyne valley


In the far distance shrouded in mist is the high high hills of alston moor, not a nice place to be caught in bad weather, but a fantastic place in the summer with some cracking views across to the republics boundary wall and beyond to the cheviot hills.


Well here comes my first customer for the day, i should say my only customer as the same man is traveling back and forth. That meens the chillout spell will be around an hour between activities,
Oh and now the sun’s coming out, happy days……