A thankyou

Just a short post this weekend as it is easter and i’m sure you all have better things to do. I for one have the pleasure of mr E’s company all weekend, although bank holiday monday is the first of two days off for me.
When i was faffing around on facebook the other day i found out, how to create a page, so we now have a facebook page for all to comment on and upload photos if you want. All you do is click like to become a member of the republic. Don’t fret though coz the blog will still be done and even a link posted on fb.
As i am doing this blog from my posh phone, i have’nt sussed how to post a link yet. No doubt i will though.

One bit of sad news this week, a good friend of all the north tyne folk and many beyond the valley lost the battle and sadly passed away. Ray Telfer will be sadly missed by many, his knowledge of old lister generators and shall we say all things mechanical along with his kind manner and sense of humour has gone but will not be fogotten, RIP Ray, a good friend.

On a positive note, better half tells me that something has taken a little food from my home made feeder, please please let it be a red coat.

Anyway here is my attempt to post the fb link. If it’s not working then your either going to have to wait, or go to facebook and search for us.