strange visitors…

start where i left off… WEDNESDAY.

today was the day to check the camera trap at the survey site for red squirrels, on the way i spotted this strange sight

Six red deer hinds next to the road. Now as most people may know, we here in the republic don’t have red deer in the wild. After further investigation by trying to use that most wonderfull invention called the telephone and failed, i summised that they are escapees from my next door neighbours farm. It was a bit of a treat to see them.
Well, met up with the ranger and of we trooped to retrieve the camera trap. On return to the landrover we endeavoured to download the images onto a netbook which i duly returned home with.
To get a better image i tried to dowload the images to a mem card and transfer them to my laptop. As the mem card was’nt big enough half the images stopped on the net book. As i checked through the ninety or so on the card it was aparent that we had nothing other than false triggers. So delete…. The card went back into the net book only to find the other half of the photos had gone, feck, cr4p, damn… I knew from looking at the cameras onboard monitor that we had at least caught a wood pecker. But allas no proof to post.
Not a lot to say, as the slave master had asked me for an overtime shift. The only news is, and its not good. Had a text from the ranger regarding the camera trap, we have had a grey caught on camera. This backs up another sighting i was told about which proves the scurge of the invader has reached the Wark forest. Your help is needed to protect the native reds so any help would gratefully recieved. As i pen this, a notification has just popped up on the TPRoN facebook group of another grey sighting. I fear the local population of the cheeky little red coats in under siege.
The RSNE is a great starting point for contacts and info, heres a link to the site thats it for the mo TTFN