No april fool….



set to this morning and made a start on the 20 ton of logs that was delivered last month. Its going to be back breaking work but, best make a dint in them before the dreaded midge fly start to spoil the outdoor activities.
Paul from uses one of these we beasties i must say it looks a lot easier to work with than a cutting block. I may have to order one and go and collect it.


i know it’s only been up one day but i couldn’t resist having a look to see if anything had visited. Well i knew the answer before i got there. Think i must expect the reds to see me put it out and stock it, then positively tuck in as soon as i turn my back, bigger fool me.


Better half and both paige and nan came with meΒ  to check traps today, the upshot of this was 3 humane trapped critters. We then went to check out the badger set not far from where the traps are set. The reason for this was to see if any of my “stolen by critter” traps could be found outside the badger set they could have been thrown out with the old bedding, the answer was, no not bloody likely, so i left them my caught moles as a snack for brock and the family, waste not want not.
Although we did find some rather pungent wild garlic of which i managed to retrieve a small amount to re plant closer to home. This is for eating as its rather good as a pesto and the flowers are a great addition to a salad.


as i was busying myself with stuff, dont remember what exactly, better half spotted two crossbills that had come to feed on our low garden wall, she managed to snap a couple of photos. Now i always thought that a crossbill was the size of a blackbird but i am mistaken as they are no bigger than a robin, which begs the question, what did my dad and i see on the road here last summer. They had the colouration of a crossbill as in red! But when they flew up the red was more vived on its back between the wings. We came to the conclusion that they could have been redstart. Thats unusual for here.

Quad bike,

the old girl is showing her age she smokes and drinks like a trooper and is starting to fall apart. Mind you she was ten year old when she came here in 2001 whith her knackered rear diff. Shes been fixed up and left outside for another ten year and at the end of the day she still runs and drives even after some harsh winters and hard work. The latest repair was to weld the footrest back onto the frame, see how long that lasts.


Today was a day for checks, firstly check the battery bank, not much to see here but all the levels are ok and none over heating with individual voltages within .4volts of each other

As we had mr lister running it was a good time to check the out put, all was good and my bargain st2 sourced from ebay(a barely used hospital back up genset bought for Β£800)is as sweet as a nut


It was then on to the trace inverter,

the brains of the power system. It was running in its, shout for help mode, as in, when there is high demand in the house ie if the tumble drier is on, then the inverter shouts for backup and in comes mr lister with a bit of muscle. This stops the battery bank from getting to discharged, the setting for this change as the seasons change.

The reason for the change is you factor in the wind and solar input to the battery bank.

This was taken as the turbine was running. This is a whisper h80, you can see the flex in the kevlar blades and heres the panels on the house roof.

We run a 580amp hour bank coupled to 4.5kw inverter with 1kw wind and about 2.5kw of solar and an 8kva generator. I have been asked on more than one occasion wether we would put the mains in but because of the prohibitive price, slight unreliability and pay through the nose to the men in suits, the answer is a resounding NO. Infact i would rather see more people putting this system in and not just putting solar on there roofs. As for wind power….. This country has been brainwashed into believing its the best thing since sliced bread. The average lifespan of a wind turbine is 12 years before it has to have a heart transplant, whereas solar has a garuanteed lifespan of 25 years before the panels start to degrade. This means that it is possible to get up to 40 years working life out of them with NO maintenance, its a no brainer.
Unlike Paul at we don’t have micro hydro, truth be known i’m a little jealous because if my water supply was closer i would install hydro and do away with wind all together. I do have a plan in my head to combine the waste water and rainwater into a reed bed filtration system and then use the outfall for a micro hydro system. I’m full of good ideas in my head including a system to make street lights pay for themselves.

Not much to say about it realy as i was in bed off nightshift untill 4pm, the only thing was waking up to this cr4p

A full on lambing storm. Good job we have no lambs yet, saying that, the little feckers will probably start tomorrow #?#!!!stards.
Home from nightshift and would you believe it 3 foot snow drifts, then i awake at12:30 to find all but the deepest drift remnants left. This weather is a bit screwed. Never mind, l will be back soon with more tales from the hilltop including camera traps, unusual visitors. TTFN….