red visitors…hopefully!!!

started the day by checking the feeder station, on the way down to the site we (as in paige and i) took a nice photo

this is the hawthorn that i photgraphed and said would be nice as it comes out, well as you can see it’s starting to bud up nicely. also, during last month i had to open up the access to the site by cutting back a lot of overgrown dog rose and blackthorn. its done the bank side a lot of good as some of the wild flowers are starting to poke there heads out.

for the life of me i can’t remember the name of this, but i do know what a primrose looks like.

i cant believe the quality of these shots from my phone its even better than my point and shoot digi camera, anyway i digress..

the feeder station looks as if it’s had visitors, the food on the front has gone and i think a little from inside, lets hope that when the ranger and i check the camera next week that there is a few snaps of reds. you can see the camera strapped to the post on the right of this picture, it will deffo have me topping the feeder up.

spotted this the other day, i would hazard a guess that we have a drey to stake out with a camera. the location of this one is to remain secret. dont know if we have any occupants but there was plenty signs of activity in the surrounding area.

once the feeder was done, it was on to mole trapping, a task that ย paige loves as she can just roll in the mole heaps, you can see her smile as i told her what she was about toย do

only two moles caught today,

then it was off to the odeon to see wrath of the titans in 3d. i would give it 4 stars.

well thats it for today, TTFN