job done

Well i left you abruptly last night, i did actually fall asleep while taping away using my smartphone and wordpress app, i must have been shattered.

never mind i will start again about yesterday. the day looked promising, as the sunrise on the way to my last overtime shift was impressive,

my other good deed of the day was help to install a red squirel monitoring station. i have the dubious task of keeping the feeder stocked and come two weeks time we will check the camera trap to see whats around. hope to get some good pic for the effort.

this is jamie from the RSNE project setting up the camera, pointing it at this feeder station.

in a secret location away from prying eyes

after this, it was back to data input and racking systems, boring although it does resemble raiders of the lost ark, i’m sure we will find the ark of the covenant in here somewhere!!!


awoke late, well later than normal, once breakfast was done i headed out to atack the lawn mower with spanners and screwdrivers. the battery i recieved didnt fit so i have modified the battery box and extended the lead. then it was off to town for the shopping well, my shopping was a new spark plug while better half grabbed the essentials.

this afternoon was spent checking the republics boundary wall for damage.

better half with paige taking photgraphic evidence of incursions

we couldn’t check the full boundary wall as time was getting short, note to self, take extra time and stout walking boot for the next expedition.

this next image is of sycamore gap, made famous by the film robin hood prince of thieves

but i much prefer the alternative view of this much photographed tree.

well times getting on and i need to shut the hens in before old reynard comes a visiting.

i have a few days off so i’m taking the oppertunity to visit other republic hot spots so more pics to follow, night all….