One more

Another full day of data input and programming.
But the difference with today was…i managed to get help..yay. Good thing to, as i was a little snowed under with the mountain of check sheets from last night.
One more shift to do then i can relax, well maybe for an hour or two, that is untill better half throws some”this still needs doing” jobs at me.
And yes good news; the battery has finally landed. It has been one week to travel the thirty five mile from the seller.
I’m going to cut this short tonight
as i just can’t keep my eyes open.
Will come back to edit and update this tommorow.
Its 6am and feel as fresh as a daisy, so i thought i would just sit with a morning cup of coffee, something i stopped doing nearly two years ogo. More later.

another 12 hour shift over. This one was cra#. I think the austrian owners of the company work in metric and we still cling on to imperial as in, you can’t fit a litre into a pint pot.
Oh and on to the heading of this post, guess what, no realy, guess?

Oh alright then you twisted my arm, this glutton for punishment is back to work tommorow and that is it. I will be taking my jolly days and i will be going out and about. As for the setting of feeder stations and camera traps with the RSNE project, that is also going ahead and i will be taking photos. So untill then, goodnight.