Out of the past ten days i ‘ve had one day off and one half day spent moleing and squirrel conservation. Still got two more twelve hour shifts to do. then on my first day off i’m setting camera traps and feeding stations and checking mole traps and badger sets. In normal shift pattern land that would give me one day spare to fix the lawn mower before i headed back for a weekend of twelve hour nightshifts. Luckily i have holidays planned in for next weekend, think i am going to need them, but not to relax,oh no. No doubt better half will think of some momentus tasks to stop me having a relaxing day off, even on my birthday.

Any way, heres a couple of pics showing the work project so far.


The racking is starting to fill.


Each one of these items must be created in the computer software in its new location and then validated and deleted from its old location.


My eyes are as square as these bins after all the computer work. Ahh is that my
Bed calling me, for another twelve hour shift awaits my undivided attention tommorow.