whers my bits part 2

still no battery for the lawnmower. this is a feckin joke!!!!  the sodding thing is only coming 35 mile but it would cost me more than £4.95 to go fetch. it has been 4 days since i purchased it, i think the wee man must be walking here. the average speed of this delivery must be 5mph, thats a fast walking speed, can you imagine how long it would take to walk from Shenzhen Sico Yingda Tech Co., Ltd.[ Guangdong, China (Mainland) ] if you order today we promise delivery by august 2013, aye right!!!

anyway i have been stuck at work on this racking project since tuesday gone and i fear i won’t see the end of it till tuesday coming. all the racks are in place but we have had set backs with the sprinkler system and bins. but not to worry as there was plenty other stuff to do.

its not huge but we have around 1400 pallet spaces to be filled this weekend not to mention 1400 configurations in the computer system

this is george dismantling an old knock up office we had for the lads to work from.

he made quite a light show with his trusty angle grinder.

on the way out the door tonight,(managed to get a reasonable finish tonight) i spotted the the steam train in a different light, this was wery stark against a stormy looking sky to the east.

compared to the one from the other morning at sunrise.

well thats me little blog for tonight, a bottle of red has my name on it so i best be checking that out and having a nice night with the better half.