Wheres my bits

Still no battery for the mower, why do some couriers take longer than others? Im sure the ones based closer take longer to deliver than say a delivery from mainland china!!! And ones based as close as say newcastle take longer than a london courier, whats that all about then!
Its all a bit irellavant as there is no way i can fit it untill at least saturday if the big push to finish the racking and configure the computer storing system is on track. Thats not looking likely as another snag reared its head last thing tonight. It seems that the sprinkler system has some of its prefab parts missing, typical, unless we can find the correct bits in house the job is knocked back another day. This means sunday for me and by the time i get all this under my belt i will have worked 84 hours this week thats not including my leisure pastime of pest control.
Met the RSNE ranger on tuesday, we walked the gill that runs up towards the warks forest
looking for signs of red squirrel activity. We spotted enough sign of activity to warrant installing a feeder station and camera trap. He is entrusting me to replenish and monitor this for hopefully only seeing red squirrels, if there are greys then we need to take action to stop the invasion. With a bit of luck i should get some nice photos to put onto flickr for all to see.

Well toodles thats enough cos im up early again tommorow.