not a bad day here, so into the garden we trooped. we set to and moved some oversize trees from a border that is being grassed over, as the couch grass and other unsavoury weeds have choked it. after all the hard toil lifting digging dragging and planting i’m knacked, scratched and nettled, god those little nettles are nasty, its4 hours since i was nettled and my hands are still tingling.

after that, it was of to check the mole traps with my trusty sidekick paige, at least the ground had dried up so my wellies did’nt leak. ย the total for today was 4 with one trap dug up and taken by reynaud or brock, must have had a mole in that one, doubt i will see that again, its probably down a set somewhere.

when we came back the boss had levelled and sorted some of the area we cleared, still a little way to go with it though. she also said i think wehad better get the lawnmower started, well, we have an mtd 540 ride on mower that i swapped a good engine out from a bad chassis into the good chassis of mine. great i thought as i had already had it started and driven around the lawn earlier last month. i have fitted new drive belts and welded the cutting deck, so it should start at the turn of the key you would think…………………………..not, well as you can imagine the air turned blue as i stripped the carb and checked the jetting, it all seemed fine but, when the thing was put back together the starter packed in, or the solenoid has stuck. combined with a duff battery i have given up for the night and adjourned to purchase a new battery of the net.

i would have gone in to town on tuesday to get a new plug and starter solenoid but they want me in on overtime for the rest of the week and weekend to do some computer work on our racking projects, storage system. so thats it the grass will have to grow a little more untill the mower is up and running again.

well that it for the mo, a bottle of red awaits me attention..