God help us!!!

Hell of a busy day today, spent all day in utter chaos caused by this pallet racking project. Me being a commen sense person would have said, ok group you need to send the new stock from europe to england before we get the racking installed for it, fine.. Then we will find a storage site onsite but away from the instalation area so that the fitters can do there stuff.. Nah not us, we put the new stock in the areaΒ  where the racking system goes, then when the installation team come, we explode the thirty wagon load of pallets into the other operational areas crippling the rest of the operation for five days.. MAD I TELL YOU, MAD.
I’m still having no luck adding photos to this blog with my laptop. Its not anything i’m doing, it must be my mobile dongle connection on a go slow. My next action is to either resize the photos or save them as a lesser quality.

Ahh well i will get there in the end.


This is the catch from monday, by no meens the the end of them. You should see the damage the these blighters have done to the fields, its a bit like a world war one battlefield in reverse, mounds instead of craters. If you weigh up the size of an average mole hill, say two feet square thats ninety square centimeters in new money.i.then times that by three hundred or more, comes to 270 squre meters of unusable land. And thats just one field, times that by however many over an entire farm of 600 acres and thats a lot of land lost. Not to mention the problems that soil in hay can cause and the painfull deaths rumminant animals suffer from ingesting soil….
Some people would say that what i do is cruel, i say to them get your fuc#ing facts right before flapping your lips. And to all the animal rights campaigners out there, pay me ten pound a head and i will live catch all the moles and you can have them to cuddle and kiss.
Dont get me wrong i adore animals of all shapes and forms but when there is clearly a need for a managed cull, then it has to happen. What do you think all these natural disasters are, its just a higher power than us clearly seeing a need to cull the population. BothΒ  are just a drop in the ocean but exactly the same scenario.

Anyway i digress, took some nice pics of paige on my mob on monday as we relaxed from our trapping.


She loves to go mousing in the long grass hence the.first tick on march the first.


Takes a nice photo this samsung galaxy s2..