Just a quick one

Just been out and set twenty traps….got caught in a hail storm and now both piage and i are cold and wet. I will post more later after a hot bath and a cup of coffee…


ah thats better, it is 7:10 pm and i have been bathed fed and watered and a cracking feed it was, all home produced apart from a little flour, seasonings and suet. we had mince and dumplings with sprouts and carrots, yum yum.

my new dslr camera is a peach, what great pics it takes, thought i would upload a couple on her for your delectation but the upload is taking that long i have decided not to.

i find that we are taking longer on a walk with the dogs as you tend to loook at things in a different perspective when you take the camera. ther is much interest in the everyday norm when you take a look. so we have taken the step of booking ourselfs on a photography course in april just so we can better get to grips with the functions and settings not to mention the framing of a subject.


Took a little time out the other day and had a jaunt down to the cash and carry. Amongst the essentials we purchased a natty little plastic top for those big pop bottles. This little gubbins converts an empty bottle into a rather good bird feeder and all for the prince’ly sum of 64p, a celebratery coffee was called for..
I will try again tommorow to upload some photos….. Night all..