a day of firsts

out with the dog today, and lo and behold, the first tick of the year was found on her head. well thats the start of the double checking her when she comes in.



horrible little things..

another first was the singing of the first skylark of the year. we have two or three nesting on our fell every year, its so nice to hear the skylarks for the first time each year, as it is a sure sign the spring days are getting longer.

yet another first for me, we, that is better half and i decided to take the plunge and buy a dslr camera. we did get a bridge camera but it was sent back as it was over compensating the light an making all my pictures dark.

we decided to take advice from the store manager at jessops photography http://www.jessops.com/ he was so helpfull and pointed us towards a basic entry level dslr package that included an extra lens, bag, uv filter but after looking into it further and thinking about it for a couple of days, we decided to go for a better camera with a zoom lens. and the fastest rated 8gb memcard, then we would source a bag and other bits and bobs as we go along. he also advised us to keep an eye on groupon as you can get a good introductory course run by Neil Atkinson


this has just been added to groupon today, so out came the plastic  and 2 six hour courses have been booked. looking forward to that.

took a trip to ur good friends abode at beeswing near dumfries where paige the golden made friends with a stuffed toy collie dog. the thing looks quite real dors’nt it.

we ended up having a great night and arrived back at 11am with some haggis for tea, speaking of tea, its ready so im off to stuff my face….


update……haggis neeps and tatties with a whiskey sauce, that hit the spot..