Spring sounds

Walked out the door ay six twenty this morning to the first true sound of spring. The snipe on our fell have started the courtship ritual, the distinct sound of the male snipe drumming acompanied by its swooping dive. Its quite an eerie sound if you have never heard it before.

http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/s/snipe/index.aspx     copy and paste this link

Took time out from my mole duties to grab a qiuck photo of the farmland i patrol, along with my best friend, thats paige the golden retriever.. Must post a pic of her after our mole patrol, she aint this colour any more


Must say, shes a bit of a diva and not a bit interested in the mole patrol. All she hunts for is mice and has been known to find and devour the a whole nest including the gr ass its made from….. Foolish animal. Mind you, she was taught that by my working collie who is sweet but daft as a brush.


Took a few trapping pic aswell this week, heres just one for the moment