3 days of wet!!!

i did have a post all sorted, 400+ words and 6 photos then, as if by magic it vanished. any way take 2 but i will curb a few words.

three days of drizzle caused us a little headache in the name of a flooded ford again.

click on the images to expand them..

its not the biggest ive seen it the flow has been above the depth markers. this is an impenaterable barrier to all vehicles. there has been a 24 ton tipper wagon (loaded) washed of these fords. luckily the driver was ok but very shocked.

this one was a couple of years ago and i had to wade in up to mywaist to rescue 30 sheep from an ever decreasing hummock in the middle of the field.

on a lighter note i have a new camera and have been snapping away around the area, see what you think,

that’l do for the mo, more scrawlins soon….