Dont count your chickens before they hatch

I would like to say that i have fixed the blowing manifold gasket on the bus but, if i say that then low and behold it will feck up!! So, lets just say the repair i undertook yesterday is on test.
The only jobs left to do is steering, i need to replace the drag link ball joint and adjust the free play on the steering box itself. Plenty of time to do this as its not bad.

Today has been spent reinstating the first bus, this is my very first landrover. She was purchased as a stolen undamaged recoverable back in 1998.Β  she finally gave up the ghost four year ago, after being driven through our fords to many times. The chassis and boot floor finaly gave in to the tin moth and she has been used as a run about on the farm.

A local garage has asked to purchase her to be a doner, ah bless.
She has good running gear but that it, i’m asking 500 for her. Thats not to bad considering the scrap price.

Checked the oil ond water both good, put a charged battery on her and after a good 3 atempts she fired and ran as sweet as a nut.
So of i went for a test drive, found that the brakes worked as did all the rest of her. We then put the dogs in the back and headed for a dz to base a walk from.
I am a bit of a magpie, on the walk we found some canes that had been used to mark the line of ditching on a clear fell site. These will be handy for trap markers. Short an sweet tonight but i must be up for work tomm