The bus is dead.. Long live the bus

Well thats it, my replacement vehicle is ensconsed at the hill top and a fine beastie she is. One landrover discovery 2 special vehicles conversion. All that the sollihull specials division have done is remove the dickie seats in the rear, blacked out the windows and added storage where the seats have been removed. This gives it a taxation class of a van thus the£200 rfl for a year.
Good for me as i rarely carry more than one passenger, even though it still has five seats. I still have

plenty of room for the dogs or shoping or my mole catching clobber.


Shown here is my bespoke trap setting tool, its design pattented and will be available in all good agricultural retail outlets soon.
Joking apart, i made the tool to set traps in mole runs without causing to much disturbance to the mole tunnel itself. Moles can tell when there tunnel system has been tampered with so tend to avoid the disturbance by tunneling around the disruption.
So far it works a treat for a prototype and i am considering having the design patented and maybe knocking up a couple in stainless steel.
Funny story how i ended up catching moles. I have always undertaken the task on our smallholding although, to be fair, we have never been inundated to the point where a tractor is not needed to plough the fields. One day not long before christmas, a local farmer phoned up to see if we had seen his wife as she had come on a mission to the farm next door to us,  she had been away from home for quite some time and he was getting concerned, don’t know why as she is a fountain of gossip and as usual had set to on a put the world to rights marathon session with another prollific gossiper.
During his chat with the better half the topic of moles came up and my services had been dished out without me knowing. Ok whats wrong with that you say!! Well, the farm is 500 acre and they have sold the tractor as the moles are doing a better job!!! AND i only had 3 yes 3 traps!
The next day i took myself of to see lewis the land owner and he assured me he would supply the traps if i would catch his moles for him.
Hence forth i am a mole catcher and in 2 months have bagged 75….well done me…

Came home from nightshift this morning to find the timber fairies had been


20 ton of firewood delivered to my gate.

I asked a friend who drives a timber wagon to look out for some fire wood for me. A phone call came last night just as i was ready to go out to work, this voice comes on the phone” hello its thomas here, are you still looking for some wood, only iv’e got some here for you” . “ideal” i said  “when can you deliverit?” thinking along the lines of saturday, being my days off and all. The voice comes back, “an hour it’s on the wagon now”  after i picked myself up of the floor we came to an arrangement and the timber fairy landed in the night. Don’t tell him i called him that as he is a prop forward and does’nt suit fairy wings and a wand.

Enough for now…. More scrawlins soon.