Finaly gone and done it

Yep thats right finaly gone and done it… Took the plunge and have agreed to purchase a new(ish) discovery. Its one of the last Td5′ s on a 54 plate. All in all it seems a fair motor, its just turned 100k and has a full history so just run in! πŸ™‚

Spent the morning sorting out the bus for her trade in, changed the wheels so that i keep the winter chunkey tyres, swapped other bits like my radio cd mp3 player to fit in the new one and removed the dual battery system.

The bus was returned to me last night resplendant with her new clutch, what a difference at the pedal, much lighter to press and a good if not to good a bite on the take up. Its going to make a good cheap buy for someone and truth be known i am sad to part with her, on the other hand she still has issues that need seeing to so it is a wise move to trade her.

At least now i can get back to my mole catching duties around the district. I must start to spill the beans on how to catch the wee divils.

I was at work last night and recieved a request for help by one of my shift, it was to see if i could sort out what we call the kontra system. This is a large and i mean large computer controlled storage system, its purpose is to store thirty ton packs of chipboard from the production lines here at egger uk in hexham. Apparently, the relag software that is the brains behind the storing strategy stopped talking to the operating software in kontra. This results in stalemate and gridlock, it can only then be operated by manually giving instruction and manualy executing movement within the storage field. And when i say field i mean its about 6-8 acres in size.

Turns out that yesterday our electrical tech guys coupled with an IT guru from the mother ship in AUSTRIA could do nothing. This went further as to be placed in the hands of our tech centre in austria who contacted the software programmers in GERMANY who could not do anything??? So Brian the operator on my shift asked could i have a look.

Well i took one look at the error log and had the whole thing back on line in thirty mins.

Of course wor lad phones me tonight and says what did you do, all the top brains have been working on this for 2 days and you come in and just give it a kick so to speak. As i pointed out to him it was i who installed this system along with my good friend Peter the polish programmer and i know what to look and where to look for data corruption.

Funny thing is.. The Austian IT guy was heading home on an early flight this morning, i dont know the guy but i know his name and have spoken on the phone. Turns out he was here to talk to wor lad and others about another project i was involved in just before christmas. We got talking on the way to the airport and i twigged who he was and him, me. We discussed key users and the fact i have never been trained. He said that he would hope to start key user seminars in austria this year. Looks like i may be up for a bit of a job boost when he finds out who fixed the systems:-):-):-):-)