Happier times

What a week, the bus finaly got hauled of to the surgeon for its open heart surgery only to find its needing more attention to her bodywork. I hpoe that i can weld her up, if not then it could be bye bye time. :-[

Started to look at replacements already but bloody hell, what a price a decent used landrover is. They hold value like no other mass produced car i can think of, espiecially a defender 90.

Anyway my other woes, namely the electronic fault on the saab 9 3 seems to be fixed, all because a poxy little wire to the offside rear wheel abs sensor had coroded and snapped
This caused much constination with the onboard computer. Any mere mortal would have taken it to the main dealer and been charged for the privalage of driving onto the forecourt. I had a scout around http://www.saabscene.com and found that dealers have charged up to Β£1000 for the very same repair. Tell you what though, anybody with a little mechanical gumption can effect a decent repair.;-)

Had a bit of excitement on friday, at around 10:30pm we had just finished watching a dvd (the eagle). The news was on and we thought we could here a helicopter, turns out it was a car, said car pulls into our yard turns and buggers off back down the track, by this time i had got myself out to see what was going on. He had gone to the track into the woods down in the valley, ok i thought he must be lost, pissed, or up to no good. I watched him travel up the valley, stop, and do a uturn. He the came back up our road to the farm. As i rushed back in to change into my boots and say to the better half that he was coming back, he must have been traveling some coz the buggrr landed as i was at the door slipping on the second boot. There was such a bang, better half screamed he’s hit the car and we both ran out to coller the tw#t. We spotted him 30meters down the track half on the road and half of with no taillight on the passenger side. Better half ran down the lane towards the car shouting to get the police and i checked the saab and MIL’s corsa that was on loan till the bus was fixed. Anyway no damage was found so i imediatly thought poachers firing there gun out of the car window. In i go like jack flash onto the phone and plonking in the treble nine. Must admit, they came out very quick as soon as you mention the word gun. After that, a closer inspection of the cars was needed, only to find that we had suffered no damage but rather had gained some extra car parts namely, part of a rear bumper placed neatly in the tractor bucket. Turns out he had reversed and smashed the car iinto the bucket which is filled with tarmac road planings, it didn’t yield, but his car did. A T5 patrol car came, relieved us of the spare part and said it was a possible drink driver that was known to them. Still not heard the outcome of these goings on.:-(

Saturday invite to our friends for a meal and had extra guests…




Three wise owls, they are in the house as two of them are not from our climes and the other is getting on in years and can’t stand the cold either. At this point i must say that our friends run a falconry business. All in all an interesting dinner party.:-D
Thats it for the mo. More scrawlins to come soon.