ah Monday

all in all, for only being a half day as iv’e spent most of it in my pit after a weekend of night shift, i have manaaged to sort out the final puttings together of a little project started last week. the said project was the restoration of our ride on lawnmower http://grasstec.co.uk/zoom.asp?prod=865 not a bad piece of kit, the trouble with ours was over a few years of use and abuse on our uneven and sloped lawns the back axle had snapped. after finding a replacement on ebay i managed to swap out the old axle for its replacement, the later being replaced into the spares or repair one (the axle was welded just to make it mobile). anyway the one we aquired from ebay had recently been fitted with a new engine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di_NIU2dyoY our motor was starting to smoke a little, so i had vowed to do open heart surgery on it this winter in readiness for the growing season. all said and done, the job was easier than i thought it would be. the whole task just took 2 days and both machines are running the better one of the 2 resplendant with new drive belts. the older one will know be sold at our local machinery sales as spares.

its not all been good here on the hill. arranged for my landy to be towed to the garage tommorrow and low and behold when i phoned to confirm that my good friend willie who runs the garage could come and tow me, he said he was having trouble with his electrics and possibly could’nt get.



this means more delays to get the clutch fixed. on the up side though my mother in law MIL has offered the use of her car till the bus is fixed, which is handy asshe only lives 200yds from the garage.


thats it for today, more scrawlins soon.