New year, new blog

I felt inspired to start my first blog by reading “life at the end of the road” paul the gent who submits said scrawlin’s has a very similar life to mine, in that we both live in fantasticly beautifull areas, we both have no mains supply services and we both live of the land to a certain degree.:-)

I find as i get older i want more isolation from the rodent race but find myself drawn into more and more technology :-\ย  difficult when you live remotely:-(

Things like,ย  untill january last year the only conection to the net was a very poor dull up service from bt, i’m sure there are many folks still in the same sailing vessel as i was. But thanks to a little investigative work i found that we could get a 3g+ mobile phone signal at our property.
So i set about with negociations with mr orange (not the bloke from resevoir dogs) but the only decent signal provider for miles.

Funny thing was,ย  we went to an orange outlet and gave the spiel to the sales assistant i said sell me an option 515 broadband dongle,, so we went through the usual “can i have your postcode sir” routine,ย  only for the sales guy to turn round and say “sorry sir you dont have a mobile signal” after arguing the toss with the youth he summond the managerย  and i explained to him that i would like to buy the dongle. The chap was much more helpfull as i explained that the postcode for us was a generic code for six propertys covering over 20 square miles and that it was centred on the lowest point in the valley. Upshot of this is we got the dongle, installed it into a 3g wifi router and hey presto we have an even faster service than the nearest village and at only 15 quid a month to. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our not so near neighbours have had to install satalite broadband at some considerable cost with a high monthly cost aswell.


Thought i would ad this just to show that living on a hill top has its benifits, we do get some cracking sunsets.

So getting back to techno stuff, i let the dongle conection run for a year to see if ther was going to be any probs with it, nothing to speak of realy so i have taken the plunge anf gone all android.:-)

While scuttling around the android market i came across an app for wordpress so, here i am my first ever blog. I hope to post maybe once or twice a week, mainly about home life but also about the best county in the country. An unspoilt and most fortified area of the corner of britain.ย 

More scrawlins soon…

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